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iMos Sapphire Lens Ring for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

RM 145.00

This camera accessory is like a super tough shield for your camera lens, made from a special type of glass that's almost as hard as a diamond. It won't get easily scratched, and it can handle water and dust without any problems. Plus, it has a special coating to make your photos look better by reducing reflections. It's also designed to protect your lens from bumps and accidents. And to make sure it's the real deal and not a fake, it has iMos logos on it. So, it's like a strong, clear, and fancy bodyguard for your camera's eye!

  • Sapphire Lens Protector x 3 pcs


  • Glass - Synthetic Sapphire 
  • Frame - Aluminium Alloys


  • Made with Accessory Sapphire Glass
  • 9M Mineral Hardness (second hardness mineral after diamond)
  • IP66 IP68 rating for water and dust proof
  • Anti Reflection (Doesn’t affect your photo quality) 
  • Anti Collision (Protect from impacts, double the protection on your camera lens) 
  • Anti Scratch (Best option for scratch resistance. Mineral hardness of Sapphire is just below Diamond)
  • 0.4mm +-0.1mm thickness. 
  • 4 imos logo on the ring to prevent piracy