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iMos Sapphire PVDSS Screen Protector for Apple Watch Ultra 1/2

RM 199.00

The ultimate protection for your Apple Watch Ultra 1/2 is here! 

Ditch the case, the PVDSS Stainless Steel frame offer a strong protection and matching design for your RM3,799 Apple Watch Ultra. Now you get the best of both world!

The Sapphire Screen Protector offer protection against scracthes and impacts to your screen. No more worries on leaving any scratches on your big screen anymore! 

What else being offered?

  1. Waterproof and dustproof - With the IP66 and IP68 rating, you can rest assured that your screen protector can accompany you during your extreme sports! 
  2. Laser engraving of iMos to prevent you from buying a fake products
  3. Ease to clean or wipe off when there's stains or fingerprints on the glass
  4. Anti reflective coating to ensure you have an unobstructed viewing on the screen
  5. Slim profile 

Comes with 2 types, the PVDSS stainless steel which offer a glossy and shiny look. Also the PVDSS CNC Matte Stainless steel that offer a low profile yet stylish look. 

Include in the pack:

  • PVDSS Stainless Steel Frame or PVDSS CNC Matte Stainless Steel Frame x 1 unit
  • Sapphire Lens Protector x 1 unit
  • Protector for the back of the watch x 2 unit 
  • Installation kit x 1 unit


  1. Apple Watch Ultra not included