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14 Pro

iMos Sapphire Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro 6.1"

RM 290.00

Says Eoh  

  1. The BEST material in the current market. Sapphire glass screen protector
  2. 9 MoHS (Mineral) hardness to offer highest scratch resistant. Only diamond has the higher mineral grade.
  3. Best OLEOPHOBIC Coating in the market makes it anti fingerprints and easy to wipe off any stains. 
  4. Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating that last longer than other brands in the market 

Says Flo   :

  1. You know how good Sapphire stone is. 2nd best material after Diamond. Means you can only scratch the screen if you are using another sapphire or diamond. 
  2. You can show off your forever scratch free screen to your BFF
  3. Good impression to others with a scratch free screen
  4. Clearer screen when taking selfie. No more lines due to the scratches on the screen.
  5. Easy to clean off the make up stains, facial oils, or sweats after using the phone

Material: Synthetic Sapphire Glass


  • Scratch Resistance & Impact Resistance
  • Anti Fingerprints, Easy to Clean
  • Curved Edge Surface Design
  • Maintain Touch Sensitivity
  • Easy to Install
  • Mineral MoHS 9M, unlike other glass screen protector only 9H pencil hardness
  • imos logo to prevent piracy