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iMos Sapphire Lens Ring for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

RM 120.00

Says Eoh   : 

  1. Protect your camera lens from scratch without affecting the quality of your photos
  2. Protect the scratch-prone lens ring from scratches with the stainless steel frame
  3. The best material in the market for Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone
  4. Best gift for her!

Says Flo   :

  1. No need to worry on scratching your camera lens ever again with the sapphire lens protector
  2. Luxury material for your phone
  3. Best gift for him who are using Z Fold 4


  • Sapphire Lens Protector x 2 pcs


  • Glass - Synthetic Sapphire 
  • Frame - Aluminium Alloys


  • Made with Accessory Sapphire Glass
  • 9M Mineral Hardness (second hardness mineral after diamond)
  • IP66 IP68 rating for water and dust proof
  • Anti Reflection (Doesn’t affect your photo quality) 
  • Anti Collision (Protect from impacts, double the protection on your camera lens) 
  • Anti Scratch (Best option for scratch resistance. Mineral hardness of Sapphire is just below Diamond)
  • 0.4mm +-0.1mm thickness. 
  • 4 imos logo on the ring to prevent piracy